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About BizSecure

Craft Artisan Design, Inc. (doing business as BizSecure) is a small research and development firm focused on developing technological solutions for modern problems. Among others, BizSecure has developed innovative solutions to address facility-access security, avionic ultrasound flow metering, and COVID-19 risk assessment tools for employers and consumer-facing businesses to help America reopen the economy. 


BizSecure has developed identification scanning software (IDS) that utilizes custom scanning hardware (for larger clients) and provides analytics to our users. In one use-case involving a Southern California casino, IDS is used to identify individuals using the casino’s transportation services, thereby allowing casino employees to identify VIP’s and Blocked patrons prior to boarding the bus. On the back end, IDS’s data visualization capabilities enable the analysis of the data in countless combinations. 


BizSecure is currently working on a small business innovation research (SBIR) project with the US Air Force. Traditionally, flow metering solutions for jetcraft have been designed as inline components of the entire fuel system. This has been a costly design due to the labor, components, and time involved in the access, maintenance, and repair of the inline flow metering components. BizSecure has been tasked with the development of a software and hardware solution that will enable noninvasive, ultrasonic, flowmeter integration into jets that functions throughout the entire flight envelope of a jetcraft and affords easy access for quick maintenance and repair.  


As a branch to some of BizSecure’s pre-existing efforts, BizSecure is actively developing a Pandemic Response Toolkit (PRT) solution to help America safely get back to work and re-open consumer-facing businesses, while protecting the HIPAA privacy rights of individuals. With BizSecure’s PRT, the digital wallet will provide verifiable credentials that are only stored on the user’s mobile device and can only be accessed with biometrics by the user, who has complete control over how that data is shared. Businesses and employers can also utilize custom-programmed PRT tablets with thermal cameras to monitor facility-access anonymously and thereby track and mitigate on-site risk exposure.


These are not simple tasks, but they demonstrate BizSecure’s ability to attack and develop new and innovative approaches to modern problems, which is what brought us to our tagline: “Pioneering Technologies for Your Business Demands.”

Our Leadership

Alfonso Rodriguez-Arana

Craft Artisan Design, Inc. (dba BizSecure) is owned and operated by Mr. Alfonso Arana, President and CEO. Mr. Arana founded Craft Artisan Design, Inc. (CAD) in January 2015.


Mr. Arana is a young, technology-focused entrepreneur with over a decade of business experience in computer and network integration, cybersecurity, A/V and VTC solutions, and designing ad hoc technological solutions to meet unique customer demand. Mr. Arana grew up attending local schools in the San Diego area, where he completed the Naval Seals Cadets Corps high school training program after achieving the rank of Petty Officer 2 and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, all while managing the day-to-day operations of CAD and achieving Top Secret Security Clearances from the government in his roles at CAD and with two large government contractors, where he worked on major cyber security efforts inside the federal government. Mr. Arana has received national recognition from The National Security Agency (NSA), Cisco, and the Northrop Grumman Corporation. He was the 2015 Cisco Networking Challenge National Champion and placed 1st in the CyberPatriot Cisco Networking Competition. He holds the following certifications; Security+, Linux+ and CCNA. 


Mr. Arana started his first entrepreneurial venture as the sole proprietor of an IT consulting practice, setting up the network and configurations of various audio systems for large concert venues and providing IT support, services, and staff training for local churches. Five years later, Mr. Arana founded CAD, where he branched into building custom-tailored technological solutions, such as: identification scanning software with customized hardware, avionic ultrasound flow metering that can withstand a jetcraft flight envelope, and a COVID-19 Pandemic Response Toolkit to help track and mitigate COVID-19 exposure risks, among others. 


Apart from his entrepreneurial ventures, Mr. Arana’s career includes his work at two large government contractors, where he achieved Top Secret Security Clearances. He supported Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) in establishing networks on the NIPR, SIPR, and DREN networks, as well as establishing standalone RDT&E networks at NAVAIR fleet readiness center southwest (FRCSW).  Mr. Arana designed and implemented the networks, as well as conducted risk management framework (RMF) steps to accredit the various systems. Mr. Arana also supported the Marine Corps GCSS system, in which he served as the Information System Security Engineer (ISSE) and managed a program of action and milestones (POA&M) that consisted of over 20,000 line items. As a DOD network and cybersecurity SME, Mr. Arana has consulted on multiple government contracts to assess vulnerabilities and find mitigations.