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Welcome to BizSecure! Craft Artisan Design, Inc. DBA BizSecure is an R&D and services company specializing in designing new products to achieve better sustainability and profitability in your everyday business. Our products include IDS, ultrasonic Metering systems, environmentally friendly explosives, and much more.

BizSecure also has vast knowledge in providing premier services to the private and public sector with quality; Cyber Security, System engineering, Audio/Visual, data analytics, business intelligence, and many other services. With our Staff having over 40 years of experience, we have the expertise to pioneer any technology for your business demands!

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At BizSecure, we design everything with Security in mind. Security is quickly becoming the most significant industry in today’s age. With all the security breaches, to underage patrons in age-restricted establishments, every company has vulnerabilities it needs to protect from the outside preditors.

We guarantee you our products and services will help mitigate your vulnerabilities and turn your liabilities into valuable data. Data being a driving factor, through our partnerships upon request, we can build you a dashboard giving you access to all the data that flows through your company. Whether that be patrons going through your establishments, or Cyber threats going through your network, we have the ability to show you!

Introducing Our New ID Authentication
and Verification Technology.

IDS - The Most Advanced Hand-Held ID Scanning Device.

BizSecure is dedicated to protecting every one of our clients! With our Smart, lightweight Handheld scanner, now every security station can be equipped with the ability to scan Identifications from all over the world. Using Tableau as our backbone, we have live reports for our clients to use to see every information about their customers. IDS has the ability to be used in a variety of applications such as; bars, night clubs, casinos, dispensaries, offices, mines, and all security checkpoints. Being Powered by Tableau, all the data is ingested into Tableau, which gives us the ability to make a custom dashboard to best display your data. With the purchase of our product, our reporting tools give you the ability to drill into your data, which is very valuable to marketing purposes and tracking purposes. Any Facility that requires tracking of personnel or customers such as a manual record log for compliance, IDS has the ability to export weekly reports.

Is Your Legal Compliance
Resting On Human Judgement?

Why rely on human error when you can BizSecure by your side? BizSecure actively scans for false Identification, as well as ensuring the client is of age to enter the establishment. Many establishments such as government building, Defense contracts, dispensaries, all require proper logs and records of building entry. With IDS, we can ensure you are compliant with any governing or simply company policy to keep all records of entry into your establishment, with daily or weekly reports.

Protect Yourself Against
Fraudsters And Mobsters

With IDS, Identification fraud and chargebacks can easily be mitigated by tracing the time of ID swipe, and security cameras. Swiping someone’s Identification ensures the time of the transaction, which will assist in putting your story together to the Credit Card company. With this new failsafe in place, you may also be able to negotiate lower insurance prices due to being able to identify the person and having a record of Identification presented during the transaction.

Why Trust human error (Bouncers, Security Personnel) with the license of your establishment? Keep the lines flowing faster, by utilizing IDS to quickly check against fake identifications, and minors from coming into your establishment. IDS actively manages risk by verifying identifications sources from all around the world while also providing you with the business intelligence you need to serve your customers.

Tired of losing money with repeat customers doing chargebacks? Well, with our easy reporting, easily block or flag customers for chargebacks, and the next time they walk into your establishment, turn them away for their illegal practices. Claim it was not them at your establishment? Easily tie Camera times to the time of the Identification swipe to verify against Security cameras.

With custom integration, IDS has the ability to tie into state and federal publically accessible databases to verify against sex offenders list for family-orientated establishments, schools, etc.

With the ability to mitigate against Fake Identifications, reduce the risk of paying high fines for minors entering, and downtime from being shut down. Reduce insurance costs by verifying purchase against customers’ Identification to ensure the transaction is with the authorized signer of the credit card.

Bar fights are bound to happen in the late nights, as the crowd gets riled up. Ensure to protect your establishment with the IDS Blocked Patrons feature. Keep habitual fighters out of your establishment, and ensure you always have a safe environment for your guests.

With instantantious age verification, reduce the wait time of all your lines! No more guessing if the DOB meets the minimum age requirement, find out on the spot. Along with our false identification verification, reduce your chances of paying significant fines for allowing minors int your establishment.

IDS is power by Tableau, a power Business Intelligence designed to gather and display your data. With our custom dashboard, see all the demographics on a map that shows all the information needed for marketing purposes. With Ask Data by Tableau, feel confident with machine learning, and the ability to ask your questions desired.